AI Space Challenge is the initial round of a competition focused on the topic of utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in outer space. The participants will be given the opportunity to utilize ICE Cubes’ “AI Box”, located on board the International Space Station, and take advantage of the world smallest AI Supercomputer for Embedded and Edge Systems and various sensors in order to collect, analyze and process data from the ISS environment using self-created algorithms.

The main objective of the challenge is to give students and universities from participating countries the opportunity to incorporate space into their STEM education curricula

not only as an abstract asset, but as an asset to work in/with, allowing for effective translation of theoretical knowledge into practice. This could have great implications for increasing still rather insufficient knowledge about the potential of space utilization and the positive impact of space activities on socioeconomic well-being in participating countries.

This challenge also aims for raising the level of STEM education in these countries and for supporting the creation and development of indigenous human capacities that could, by taking part in the challenge, gain invaluable skills both in the field of AI and space science.

Building human capacities in these and other fields would allow countries to explore new markets, applications, and to achieve global competitiveness in AI and space-related endeavors.


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ST Engineering Geo-Insights Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture company formed between DSO National Laboratories and ST Engineering. Leveraging on the strengths of its parent companies, Geo-Insights offer analytics, information products and value-added services based on satellite imagery to address global demand for timely insights.


The first European commercial service to the International Space Station.

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Space Applications Services is an independent Belgian SME founded in 1987. In addition to its in house engineering projects, the company provides engineering services to the European Space Agency. Its aim is to research and develop innovative systems, solutions and products and to provide technology development, operation and training services to the aerospace and security markets and related industries. Space Applications Services’ activities cover manned and unmanned spacecraft, launch/re-entry vehicles, robotics, communications and solutions for earth observation, science and space exploration. Space Applications Services is a technology developer, system integrator and provider of technology enabled services. 

One of our services is the International Commercial Experiment Service. Several times a year scientific instruments are delivered/returned to/from the ICE Cubes Facility on the ISS. Researchers making use of this service interact using secure technology from their home base. The ICE Cubes service is operated from a dedicated mission control centre in the company’s HQ in Belgium from where global customers are served.

Space Zab provides testing facilities and services for researchers to conduct their space-related experiments both on-ground and beyond.

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Space Zab is a deep space tech start-up based in Thailand which was founded in 2017. Our mission is to develop advanced technology for deep space exploration and human living in space. We aim to enable citizens to space which involves  three main areas of business namely research, industry and education. This provides opportunities for other companies and research institutes to work with us on space missions. We successfully developed Thailand’s Lunar Simulant (TSL) that allows our partners to perform research for the future of lunar exploration. 

Space Zab also works with space education in order to encourage space enthusiasts and enhance space capacity especially in Thailand. Various courses, learning tools, activities and educational services are available to support personalized space education within the STEAM concept. 

Taiwan space gateway for the International Space Station

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Gran Systems is an important Asian new space supplier, providing experiment in space development and CubeSat launch services.  Especially, we are the Taiwan space gateway for the International Space Station with partnering companies, helping teams with the following services:

  • Experiement in Space: Access to International Space Station
  • Cubesat Mission Development, Design, Manufacturing, & Cubesat Bus
  • Test POD Fixture / Dispenser / Deployer for CubeSats (3-12+U)
  • SmallSat Launch Services / Rideshare Aggregator Services
  • Space Environment Testing Equipment / Lab

Gran Systems provides full sets of space environment testing equipment and laboratory capabilities, including thermal vacuum chambers, vibration tables, and Helmholtz coil equipment.  We have the facility and expertise for Cubesat mass production.

Advanced satellite development, sensors, Internet of Things (IoT)

Zenith Intellutions Pte Ltd is a specialist firm formed in 2013 to provide consultancy services for advanced satellite development, sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and sense making technologies. Zenith Intellutions also help organisations plan for disaster preparedness and response management, business continuity as well as conduct educational programs for space technologies.

National Point of Contact

To make the competition become more accessible and reach to locals, we have point of contacts members for each country. The point of contact members have responsibilities to help promote, organize local workshops, localize and translate the content.


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