Judging process and assessment factors

1. Winners of the Grand Prize and Runner-up prize will be announced during a live (or virtual) conference. The Competition may choose to live-stream this event for the general public on the internet. 

2. The judges will consider and give under the following categories: 

  • Explanation of how the Team came up with their original idea. Clear explanations and a demonstration of how well the problem and solution are understood by the team;
  • Demonstrated scientific knowledge, providing details about the science behind the new innovation or solution;
  • Demonstrated feasibility;
  • Creativity, ingenuity and innovative thinking (remember the idea must be a new innovation or solution, and cannot simply be a behavioral change or a new use for an existing product). Teams must provide an explanation of how their project could have broader reach or impact;
  • Clarity of the proposal;
  • Persuasiveness and effective communication
  • Results of the public voting

3. The decisions of the Judges, with the approval of the Organizers, will be final. Judging scores will not be released to Teams. Under no circumstances are taken into account factors relating to the person’s appearance, religious or trade union, political opinions or sexual orientation of the participants. The selections will not result in any way, whether directly or indirectly, by chance or luck.

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