Bangkok, Thailand – AI Space Challenge at the final stage. Nine finalists presented their projects in the final pitching event which held as a hybrid event on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at the Future Tales Lab by Magnolia Quality Development Company in Bangkok, Thailand.

The events featured a keynote speech from Ice Cubes, the provider of the AI Box platform aboard the International Space Station, and the Geo Insights our sponsor. We concluded the event by awarding “Ad Astra” from Nanyang Technological University an opportunity to deploy their experiment aboard the International Space Station. See – Team “Ad Astra” will deploy their AI/ML on the International Space Station.

Event: Final Pitching

Date: June 8, 2022

Time: 13:30 – 17:00 GMT+7

Venue: FutureTales Lab, True Digital Park 8th Floor, 101 Sukhumvit Rd. Thailand and Zoom


13:30-13:35 GMT+7Opening remarks
13:35-13:50 GMT+7Keynote speaker 1
13:50-16:20 GMT+7Pitching session of nine finalists
16:20-16:40 GMT+7Keynote speaker 2
16:40-16:50 GMT+7Awards ceremony
16:50-17:00 GMT+7Closing remarks

The event was being streamed live on Space Zab’s Official Facebook page. With more than a thousand views. The event was moderated by Netsai Wiboonwipa from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Nawapol Chuamvarasart a science communicator and a Young Thai science Ambassadors.

Members of Judging Panel:

Prof. Lim Ee-PengSingapore Management University
Dr. Pakpoom PatompakPanyapiwat Institute of Management
Jay ChenAvalanche Computing Taiwan Inc.
Matthias BiniokIBM
Mr. Marcel RohrmannICE Cubes / Space Applications Services
Dr. Hilde StenuitICE Cubes / Space Applications Services
Dr. Carmen KöhlerFraunhofer-Institut für Intelligente Analyse-und Informationssysteme IAIS
Tan Jia WeiGeo-insights

The program also received a tremendous support from IT Experience Club at the School of Information Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, providing an entire event organization, live streaming, pre and post production.

The event started by a welcome session lead by Dr. Hilde Stenuit, a team leader for Space Applications Services. Dr. Stenuit gave a keynote speak about the utilization of high-performance computer and precise data in space.

After a welcoming keynote, the pitching started in order. First was the BLUESTAR, followed by The Kerbies, Ad Astra, Blue Magpie, AlstroCat, 404, Hello World, Blossblecup, and finally Out of This World. Each team has 8 minutes for presentation and 7 minutes for Q&A.

After the pitching was another keynote speech. This time was Lie Ya Mei “Joyce” and Tan Jia Wei from Geo-Insights about the application of satellite precision data from space.

Just a few minutes after the keynote. The moderators announced the three awards. The sponsored “Best Technical Award” went to “Blue Magpie” from the National Central University & National Taipei University of Technology. The Runner-up prize was awarded to “Out of This World” from Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology. And importantly, The grand prize was awarded to “Ad Astra” from Nanyang Technological University.

See – Team “Ad Astra” will deploy their AI/ML on the International Space Station

All three teams will received a trophy designed to match the look and feel of a cubic platform satellite or a payload infamous for the next generation space exploration and a symbol of space democratization. The trophy was 3D printed and hand-made by Patcharapol Sankaew and Tanis Ming. Both are experienced payload engineer where many of their works were flown in space.

The event ended on time and concluded all three winners, and six invaluable idea that will demonstrate how undergraduate student can came up with such an astonishing idea of utilizing AI/ML application in space.

Finally a group photo of onsite-staff (IT Experience Club, Spaceth, Space Zab), venue provider (Future Tales Lab by MQDC) together on a day that ends half-a-year long competition but the beginning of the next era of space exploration.

This event and the entire competition have been sponsored by ST Engineering Geo-Insights Pte. Ltd. a joint venture company formed between DSO National Laboratories and ST Engineering. Leveraging on the strengths of its parent companies, Geo-Insights offer analytics, information products and value-added services based on satellite imagery to address global demand for timely insights. More information on Website.

The venue have been sponsored by Future Tales Lab by MQDC and the Magnolia Quality Development Company with tremendous support from a faculty of IT Experience Club from KMITL and .

Further news and activities can be found on the AI Space Challenge Official Website.

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